Getting started


Node.js and npm

To run this project you will need a package manager such as npm. To install it, follow the guide at npmjs.com.


To be able to use the widget API you will need to download the @tecnojest/widget-base package or build the lib yourself.

Installing from the npm registry

If you are a registered partner, you will be able to download the package from the official registry. Otherwise, skip this step and build the lib yourself.
You will need to configure your local npm engine to point to Tecnojest's registry, by doing the following:

# authenticate in the private npm registry
npm login --registry https://npm.invidea.it
# set the registry to point to @tecnojest's scope
npm config set @tecnojest:registry https://npm.invidea.it

if during the first npm login step you receive a UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE error, then run:

npm config set strict-ssl false

and try again.

Building the lib yourself

Everyone is able to build the lib themselves. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. cd into the lib folder of the repository
  3. npm install to install the dependencies
  4. To build, run:
    4.1 OSX / Linux: npm run build
    4.2 Windows: npm run build-windows

To link the lib in your widget template:
a) Modify the import in the widget template of your choice to point to the built lib instead of @tecnojest/widget-base
b) Run npm link in the lib folder and npm link @tecnojest/widget-base in the widget template folder